Security Alert – June 30, 2015

June 30, 2015

We have received a report of a new round of phishing emails from a company calling themselves “SafeGuards.” The email states that the recipient’s online banking account has been placed on hold due to “unusual activities.” Should you receive this email, we advise you to delete it without clicking any of the links. The email seeks to fraudulently gain access to your account information by requesting you complete a form once you’ve clicked the link.

The email was not sent by Randolph Savings Bank or any affiliate of Randolph Savings Bank, and is not an indicator of the status of your account. Randolph Savings Bank account information has not been compromised.

We urge you, as always, to be vigilant and to exercise caution with regards to your privacy and account safety. For our best practices, visit the Protect Yourself section of our website.

Should you have questions about the status of your account, please contact our Customer Service department at 877-963-2100.