Spotlight on Women in Small Business: Dr. Grace Strake

October 21, 2015

In celebration of National Women’s Small Business Month, Randolph Savings Bank salutes Dr. Grace Strake, one of the South Shore’s leading veterinary professionals as well as the founder and owner of South Coastal Animal Hospital. South Coastal Animal Hospital was established in 2006. Dr. Strake had been working as an associate veterinarian for ten years at that point – and felt it was time to strike out on her own, taking the risk to open her own practice.

Since its inception, the practice has grown exponentially, outgrowing its facility in 2009 when she acquired the lot for her new building. Randolph Savings Bank financed a significant portion of the construction cost, and her state-of-the-art practice was built in 2010. South Coastal Animal Hospital now has a new home: a 7,800 square foot facility which features eight exam rooms, a lab, a surgical suite, radiology room and dog and cat isolation wards which allows Dr. Strake and her team to oversee the well-being and care of 14,000 clients (that’s more like 30,000 patients).

“Men have traditionally been the practice owners,” states Dr. Strake. “I am convinced that the biggest barrier to female leadership is our society and the roles we are conditioned to play. Most female veterinarians are not interested in the additional responsibility and stress of ownership; it’s imperative to have good support staff and not try to do it all yourself.” Dr. Strake credits her support team – her office manager, bookkeeper, and CPA: “I am more productive as a veterinarian than in the office.”

Does she have any regrets about becoming a business owner? No. “For me, it was the best move I could have made,” asserts Dr. Strake. “I am much happier and more successful than I ever could have imagined.”