Marcianne Andreozzi

Mortgage Consultant

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Total home cost analysis

Understanding your financial future using a Total Cost Analysis is simple.


With a Business Degree from Syracuse University and a background of over 10 years of experience in the Financial Industry, Marcianne Andreozzi came to Envision Bank in 2020 with passion to help people achieve the dream of homeownership. Midway through 2021, she joined the team with Brad Avergon who is a very well-known Loan Officer and a top leader in the mortgage lending industry.  As she pursues her career in Residential Lending, she couldn’t ask for a better team to be on from working with Brad and our clients to working with all the knowledge and skills that we all blend at Envision Bank.  Whether working with First Time Home Buyers, Seasoned Homeowners, Realtors, or Builders, Marcianne is able to provide the right product at a great rate while providing superior customer service.   This is the Envision Bank way AND it is her way as well.

When she is not tending to the needs of her clients, Marcianne resides in Newport, Rhode Island, and enjoys playing Tennis, Yoga and Travel. She also has a passion for fine food & wine and loves cooking for her family and friends.