Richard Pruyne

AVP, Senior Loan Officer

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Understanding your financial future using a Total Cost Analysis is simple.


I began my career originating mortgages in March of 1988. In the span of over 29 years, I have helped countless families and individuals achieve the American Dream of home ownership. My dedication to detail along with a personal hands-on approach has helped make so many dreams come true. My 24/7 work ethic has enabled me to be a repeat recipient of the company’s prestigious “President Club” comprised of the company’s top producing mortgage originators. My repeat client base serves as confirmation to my accomplishments as well as strong Real Estate agent relationships having been the core to my longevity and success in this highly competitive industry.

Please call me.  Be it a simple question or assist you in taking your application, I have the experience necessary to put together and tailor the best loan program for your individual financing needs.


"I am writing this email to you as a follow up to my experience at Envision Bank & Mortgage and the truly excellent care that Mr. Richard Pruyne gave to myself and my parents while we went through our process of pre-qualification, approval and award of our current mortgage. Mr. Pruyne was supportive and rapid in his response to our many requests for updates to our pre-qualification letter which numbered six altogether. My parents and I made six offers altogether, which Mr. Pruyne made available to us enabling us to have these offers accepted for the next stage of inspection. Although many of the homes failed our level of satisfaction, when it came to the Boxford property, Mr. Pruyne was available and exceptionally responsive to our request to purchase this property. The sellers were in a rush to close and this made for a hurried and pressured experience for myself and during the Holidays no less, however Mr. Pruyne was the perfect, well-seasoned guide for us through this process. His many years of experience, his friendly and available nature is a treasure in anyone going through the stressful and often convoluted experience of purchasing a home. Mr. Pruyne made this process as smooth as possible and, I believe, is the reason we were able to secure and purchase this beautiful property that I now call home. I hope everyone at the Andover branch of Envision Bank has an exceptional 2018. Thank you for serving me so well."

- Nancy A.​