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Consumer Loans
Product Type Term APR with Automatic Deduction from an Envision Checking Account Maximum Loan Amount Monthly Repayment Terms+
Personal Loan* Up to 48 Months 10.99% $25,000.00 $25.84
Overdraft Line of Credit1 N/A 15.25% $5,000.00 Interest plus 3% of principal balance

In addition to the following criteria all traditional underwriting criteria applies.  Any loan application with a credit score below 680 must be approved by the SVP of Retail or the Sr. Lending Officer.  These rates apply for new loans to the Bank only.  Refinances of existing Envision Bank debt are not eligible.  These rates and product parameters are effective 03/06/2020.  The above APRs have a 1.00 basis point discount with the auto-deduct from an Envision Bank checking account, rates will be higher without the auto-deduction.

*    A minimum credit score of 720 would apply for the promotional rates to apply.  Loans with credit scores between 680 – 719 would be priced .25 basis points higher than rates above and loans with credit scores between 620 – 679 would be priced .375 basis points higher.

1   This is a variable rate loan.

+    Repayment terms based on monthly payments for a $1,000 loan at the maximum term in the range.

Home Equity Line of Credit
Home Equity Line of Credit Rate Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Margin Monthly Repayment per $1,000 Fully Indexed Rate
** PRIME -.26 *** 2.990% *** 2.990% (0.260) $2.49 *** 2.990%
** PRIME +.25 *** 3.500% *** 3.500% 0.250 $2.92 3.500%
** PRIME +.75 *** 4.000% 4.000% 0.750 $3.33 4.000%
** PRIME +1.25 *** 4.500% 4.500% 1.250 $3.75 4.500%
** PRIME +1.75 *** 5.000% 5.000% 1.750 $4.17 5.000%

Minimum loan amount $10,000 – Maximum loan amount $250,000 – 1-4 Family Properties.

This is an variable rate product. Loan is subject to credit approval. Interest paid may be tax deductible, please consult your tax advisor.

Property Insurance is required

**   Rate will vary based on LTV, FICO score, Loan Purpose, Property Type, Residency Type, Lien Position, Debt to Income Ratio

*** Rate: Prime plus or minus margin for the life of the loan adjusted monthly. (15 year draw period / 10 year repayment period)

No normal closing costs, however if loan is terminated within the first 2 yrs., a recuperation fee of up to $400 may be assessed.

Non owner occupied properties will require an additional appraisal fee.

Repayment terms per $1,000.00 borrowed.

Prime Lending Rate is presently 3.250%          

Rate Cap: 18% APR, Floor = starting note rate

Minimum Monthly payment will equal all accrued interest as of the closing date of the billing cycle plus 0.05% of outstanding balance of principal on the closing date of the billing cycle provided the principal payment shall not be less than $50.00 plus any amounts past due, after which the balance is amortized over 10 yrs.