Dana Rosenblatt, Loan Originator

Phone: 617-592-1457
Fax: 978-749-3131
Email: drosenblatt@envisionbank.com
NMLS# 209897

About Dana

Loan originator Dana Rosenblatt was a professional boxer from 1992-2002 with a record of 37-1-1. Though Dana hung up his gloves in 2002, since then he's been stepping into the ring on behalf of his clients to find knockout mortgage solutions that fit their unique needs. As a Massachusetts-based loan originator, Dana prides himself on the work he does to find the loan solutions that work best for each buyer. Each client gets a blow-by-blow - Dana feels it's important to ensure clients know what's going on every step of the way, and it's his philosophy to keep each client informed, educated, and engaged. He goes the distance for each client, and is especially skilled crafting investment financing solutions for buyers looking to buy and repair properties.

When he's not working with his clients, Dana likes to be with his family and enjoys spending time with his daughters.