Sara Martin Brooks, Vice President/ Loan Officer

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About Sara Martin Brooks

I am a seasoned mortgage banking professional with over 15 years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients. Providing responsible lending solutions for all my clients is a passion of mine. I specialize in new construction including additions, build-out, and renovation loans. Additional specialties include land acquisition, construction contracting, and navigation of post-closing inspection and disbursement processes. I am also experienced in working with self-employed borrowers, move-up and high-end borrowers, and building wealth through homeownership. As a graduate of Merrimack College’s Marketing program in 1996, I have always valued providing clear and concise information to all clients to find the ideal financing solution for their situation. I was born and raised on the South Shore, and currently reside in Plymouth with my husband, Christopher and our two children. I am active in local causes, including the ARC of Greater Plymouth and the Plymouth Coalition for the Homeless.


My fiancé and I reached out to Sara Martin Brooks to help us with the pre-approval process for a mortgage when we were starting to look to buy our first house. Sara was extremely professional, always accessible, and explained the entire process perfectly so it was easy for us to understand. A few months later, we decided to purchase land and build a home instead of buying and Sara was right there with us helping us navigate through the construction loan process. Sara met with us regularly was always available via phone or email and really made us feel so comfortable with the process. We feel so lucky to have worked with such a professional and are so happy with the entire process! Mary Kate S

My real estate agent introduced me to Sara. She told me that Sara was really wonderful and would help me to get the mortgage that I needed. I soon found out that Sara was much more than wonderful. Before I called her, I was on the verge of giving up my hopes of purchasing my first home because I thought that the mortgage process was much too tedious. That first conversation with Sara quenched all my fears of purchasing a home. She was clear and articulate and I could hear the genuine concern for my well-being in her voice. She explained to me all my options and always had my best interest at heart. Name withheld                                                                                             

What I found most fascinating about Sara is her availability. She responded to my phone calls and emails almost immediately, no matter how late and no matter what she was doing. We joked about how the two of us never sleeps. I would think of a question at 1 am and send her an email and to my surprise, I would get an immediate response. That is above and beyond her responsibilities. She could have simply not responded to my calls and emails after work hours but that was not her approach and for that, I am grateful. I had questions and I needed answers and she was there all the time, every time. Name withheld

Dear Sara: You have done everything possible to assist me, and I owe you for that. My career fields were in electronics and military and didn't teach me everything I needed to know about... personal finance. It seems I am very weak in that area, but you did not fail my trust, and you allowed me to remain blissfully ignorant. I am so happy with Envision Bank, and everyone at the Stoughton branch on 139, it seems every teller knows who I am and my dog as well - I can't see doing business with any other bank. After this is over, maybe the wife and I can treat you to lunch, or maybe after you get off work the wife and I can have a toast in your honor, like stopping by the house and join in on a bottle of sparkling non-alcoholic grape-apple juice, and you can see what wondrous works were accomplished. Name withheld.